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SoftGrid aims to be a leading equipment safety monitoring service provider in the lift industry, by leveraging IoT, Big Data analysis and AI technology

In contribution to build a smart nation, enhancing infrastructure sustainability is always under SoftGrid’s mission.


Kinesis, 4 Fusionopolis Way,

Singapore 138635

+65 6570 2796

Mon - Fri : 09:30 - 18:00

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How we started

Having observed numbers of lift breakdown cases, we are aware the increasing lift safety incidents is a 

meaningful topic. 


After an in-depth investigation and consulting with industry experts, we made up our minds on overcoming the gap. That is when SoftGrid started the trip.

Company introduction

SoftGrid aims to provide intelligent solutions for lift safety monitoring for customers, applying a comprehensive set of sensors and SCADA system adapting to most types of lift. 


SoftGrid tries to bring transparency for lift owners, facility managers, or lift engineers about their assets operating status, keep detailed record of every service has been done, reduce lift downtime risk possibility from data collected and professional analysis.

Our vision

If there is anything we can call it as 

motivation, SoftGrid team would all agree that we want a change.

A change to make lift inspection easier;

A change to reduce lift inoperable period to minimum;


A change to make sure every 

passenger is safe.

By Lift IoT, we are on our way.

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