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​smart lift safety MONITORING system

Smart lift safety monitoring system is SoftGrid's self-developed smart city IoT solution, which helps lift operators and maintenance companies with their ad-hoc jobs and long term management. The system comprises five main parts:


(Mobile App)

A toolkit APP for lift engineers to work smarter, assign work easier, and keep record of every service done.


(PC Platform)

LiftGuardian(LG) is an integrated management platform for users to monitor and manage their lifts.

LiftBlackBox (LBB)

Core CPU device, installed on the top of lift car, making judgement of whether lift is running in safe status.



LGS is the display terminal of LiftGuardian. It is a Multi-Media screen specially customized to install in lift car. 


Our Core background system for data processing and analysis, interacting with AWS cloud, complying pre-defined API via MQTT protocol.

Group 110.png

Auto sign-in function, accurate time and position verification

Group 109.png

Register, manage, assign task for periodic elevator service 

Group 108.png

Record maintenance process & remind overdue maintenance

Group 107.png

Real-time Memo including photo and comments

Group 106.png

Auto service report generating 

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Support Android / iOS system

LiftGuardian - Lift IoT Management System

The Lift IoT Management System provides a platform to monitor lifts’ performance as long as the lift is implemented with LiftGuardian. Columns show different stats like fault types, lift breakdown zone rankings etc. This system is specially designed and customized for owners and management's command use. 

LiftProf - the all in one app

LiftProf digitalize elevator service operation procedure, makes whole process transparent and well-documented for lift engineers. It works on your iPhone, iPad, Android mobile and tablet, assists engineers to assign, execute, record and generate service report.


LiftGuardian Screen

LGS on the car wall has a built in intercom. The emergency button is for passengers to call-out when accident happens. The call order is configured by 3 level sequences: 

lift technician, building management, maintenance company will be immediately notified. 

LGS will update automatically on PTO (BCA Required), last maintenance status and notifications. Multi-Media Content will be advertised remotely via Internet. Lift owners gain add-on earnings at a low labor cost. 

The Elinston multi media content management system supports user on functions like add/delete, pre play and remote updating. The user-friendly interface makes it straightforward to learn and use.

GridHost is developed by SoftGrid team, it has standalone solutions for MQTT data transmission. GridHost integrates with Amazon Web Service on cloud computing for storage and big data analysis. With following advantages, GridHost is able to back support a stable circumstance for large quantity lifts online, tailored to customers' needs.


Group 125.png

Capacity expansion

Don’t worry about excessive load when thousands lifts online. At the same time, multiple users can simultaneously visit one platform to meet HMI interactions.

Group 126.png

Safety Management

Every output signal transmitting back to GridHost will be tagged with a unique identity certificate. If a device is invaded, it will be isolated immediately by revoking the certificates, thus data will not have the access to GridHost. System safety is under carefully control.

Group 127.png

Cost control

GridHost fee is sold by subscription base, down to 69 SGD per lift/month. GridHost keeps record of all lifts running data with unlimited user accounts at no additional cost. Users can get their important data and reports to their entire company.

Group 130.png

Stability and reliability 

GridHost are built for optimal durability and availability to let user access data anytime, anywhere. Data is distributed across physical facilities within multi-AWS Regions. With AWS architecture embarkation, GridHost is running with high robustness. 


Grid Talk (GT) is the surveillance module in charge of monitoring LiftBlackBox (LBB). 


LiftPhoenix(LPh) is the lift breakdown logic module. Edge computing modeling is realized and remote firmware update is supported.


A preventive diagnosis module under SoftGrid’s R&D plan, conducting deep learning of collected lift data, making failure predictions and service optimization.


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