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​smart attraction management system

To-C mobile app provides user the latest park activities and useful park information, featuring in-park AR navigation, Flora and Fauna Identifier, customised itinerary planner and user-friendly map engine. 

National Parks Board (NParks) is a statutory board of the Government of Singapore, every year they run over 3,500 educational and outreach programmes across the various green spaces. Wayfinding within parks and gardens is currently provided via a 2D map on the NParks website, and also through mapboards located around park. Visitors may still have difficulty locating specific attractions without real time directions. Awarded grant from IMDA, SoftGrid developed the smart attraction management system for NParks in order to assist park operation through crowd counting as well as to improve the visitor experience, which comprises a toC mobile app, a admin-faced backend management portal and hardware device set.


Backend content management system (CMS) is for park admin to configure contents that display on mobile app, also for park operators to monitor visitorship status. By collecting and analysing data from our IoT device, dashboard on the CMS is able to display information of real time visitor flow and historical data analytics.


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